Beautiful Smiles For Life


Face focused treatment.  A beautiful smile is about more than straight teeth – the teeth and the jaws need to be in the correct position within the face. Having everything balanced ideally – teeth, face and jaws not only creates the most attractive, memorable smile but allows easier cleaning, and enhanced function for long term dental health.

Modern orthodontics using very light forces and low friction appliances such as the Damon system ( allows fast results, fewer visits and by encouraging the jaws to grow to their full potential dramatically fewer extractions are needed to achieve superb results. A full complement of teeth, a broad beautiful smile and propertly supported vital internal structures for a clear open nose and airway. Life enhancing care!

Suitable for adults and children, Damon brackets are small and comfortable, clear aesthetic options are also available for even more discrete treatment.

For simple correction of crooked teeth in a well-balanced mouth virtually invisible Invisalign aligners can be an option. Clear almost undetectable plastic aligners are used to gently straighten a crooked smile – only you and your dentist need to know!