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Hygiene services.

A full range of hygiene services is available to keep your smile looking and feeling at it’s best. Our specially trained, dedicated hygiene team are available and provide a relaxing, comfortable 5 star service .
Registered patients benefit from discounted fees and priority access to the hygiene team. You are now able to book at any time – an important event? Holiday? Just want the hygienist fresh feel? Call now.
Not registered? No problem. We are happy to make our hygiene services available to everyone, no need for a full dental examination, call now or go click  Book now and come and meet us.
“My Teeth are Killing me!”
Something I’ve heard many times, usually referring to pain, however a growing body of medical evidence suggests we should consider the words at face value!
Everyone understands that good dental hygiene is the cornerstone of good dental health, a clean fresh mouth looks good, feels good and preserves the teeth. What is not so widely known is that good dental hygiene is also a cornerstone of good general health. Bacteria from uncontrolled gum problems can enter the bloodstream and travel around the body contributing to other serious health problems. Current research appears to indicate a direct causal link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and premature birth.  The presence of uncontrolled oral disease also complicates control of other chronic health conditions – lung disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease and osteoporosis. Very recent research implicates poor gum health in some cancers – particularly pancreatic, kidney and blood cancers. Men with untreated gum disease are 3-4 times more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction.
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The good news is we can help – Everyone at London Holistic Dental Centre loves to see our patients with beautiful smiles and healthy mouths but we also believe you deserve to have healthy bodies and long lives.